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Your partner for more secure future.

LAV Security Ltd has helped its clients since 2006 to achieve their business goals in a secure manner.

Security does not have to be the "NO" function, it can be a "YES, IF..." function instead to enable business.

What are your challenges and how we can help?

  • Do you know the state of security in your organisation? If that's an issue, we can provide several types of security audits to give you information.

    • The target of the audit can be an organisation, a process, a system or an application.

    • I have experience in applying the ISO/IEC 27001-standard, Finnish government regulation or OWASP-criteria.

    • TI have lots of different tools and methods for technical audits and checks, too.

  • If you're wondering, how you should best spend your security budget, let's do a risk analysis together. It looks through the organisation, its assets and business, and lists the worst information security scenarios. This produces a prioritised list of things that need attention now.

  • Are you wondering how to purchase secure software or services? Ask for security requirements analysis to be attached to the tendering documents.